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On stage, Lee’s ‘Mockingbird’ is lifted ever higher

BOSTON – When acclaimed writer-director Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”) was first approached about bringing Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” to the Broadway stage, he was convinced it was “a suicide mission.”… Continue reading

At MRT, the ‘sage of suburbia’ is alive and well

LOWELL – She was the unlikeliest of media superstars. Erma Bombeck reveled in being an “ordinary” mother and housewife. The suburban sage described her typical workday as “blazing a trail from the laundry… Continue reading

At SpeakEasy, ‘The Sound Inside’ is loud and clear

BOSTON – Is there anything that tears at the soul like loneliness? Yale University Professor Bella Lee Baird finds an unlikely ally in her attempts to connect during a perilous moment in her… Continue reading

‘Rock of Ages’: Company’s joyous return in Norwell

NORWELL – The return of live theater to the stage of the Company Theatre is a joyous occasion, and it was obvious at a recent performance the cast was enjoying it just as… Continue reading

‘Clue’: Live theater, laughter return in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — The return to live theater is a time to celebrate, and to gather with other like-minded souls and experience the magic we missed during the lengthy Covid-19 “intermission.” Yes, live theater… Continue reading

When ‘TJ Loves Sally,’ she’s now in control

On a contemporary, leafy college campus in the South, a historically important but troubling relationship is being reenacted. But the telling of the tale this time won’t be by historians talking about one… Continue reading

A shooting that changed Ferguson forever

A small city in Missouri became the center of the universe in 2014 when a teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer named Darrell Wilson. The incident… Continue reading

‘The Catastrophist’: A science story that sings

PROVIDENCE – Not every playwright can make science-based stories sing. But Lauren M. Gunderson is not just any playwright. Since 2015, she has been the most-produced playwright in the country (aside from William… Continue reading

ART’s ‘The Conjurer’s Club’: Virtual magic to do

CAMBRIDGE — Doing the trick is only about half of the job of the magician. The other half is setting up the trick,and selling themselves as performers. A good magician is also an… Continue reading

‘A brimful of Asha’: Mother knows best

BOSTON — When emigrants journey to a new country, they bring with them their life experiences – their culture, values, attitudes, the prisms through which they view life in general. But those same… Continue reading