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More laughter than darkness in Huntington’s ‘Witch’

BOSTON – Tis the season for anything having to do with a woman who flies with the aid of a broom, but the title character in the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of Jen… Continue reading

The doctor is in in Moonbox’s ‘Rocky Horror Show’

CAMBRIDGE – “The Rocky Horror Show” has deep roots in this city. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the film which was released in 1975 and is still being shown in theaters today, was… Continue reading

‘Mamma Mia!’ brings live theater back to NSMT

BEVERLY – When you’re returning after a 21-month absence, you want to start with something that’s a sure-fire hit, a crowd-pleaser of the first order. That pretty much describes the musical “Mamma Mia!” the… Continue reading

Lyric’s ‘Be Here Now’ asks: What price happiness?

BOSTON – If you’ve never experienced joy, how do you know for sure you’re experiencing it? And if is indeed unbridled happiness, how do you keep it going and to what lengths will… Continue reading

‘Chasing Magic’ brings the A.R.T back to life

CAMBRIDGE – Ayodele Casel didn’t know right away that tap dancing was for her. She didn’t know its history and how it related to her, and how women – especially women of color… Continue reading

The chase is on in Hitchcock’s manic ‘The 39 Steps’

STONEHAM – You don’t always need a huge set, a multitude of props, and dazzling special effects to create theatrical magic. The Greater Boston Stage Company is welcoming back live audiences to the… Continue reading

‘Diane’ begins comeback for Boston theater

BOSTON – Sometimes, a work of art is almost too relevant. The Huntington Theatre Company is welcoming back audiences with Madeleine George’s “Hurricane Diane,” with climate change as a central theme and the… Continue reading

Huntington’s ‘Black Beans Project’ is a warm meal

The warmth emanating from a stove where spices and beans are meshing coincides with the warmth exuding from the storytelling of Melinda Lopez and Joel Perez in the Huntington Theatre Company’s streaming production… Continue reading

She unveiled Dickinson and also found fame

There are iconic women whom we regard as quintessentially New England. Some – such as the poet Emily Dickinson– have been celebrated on stage, TV and film in works such as “The Belle… Continue reading

When ‘TJ Loves Sally,’ she’s now in control

On a contemporary, leafy college campus in the South, a historically important but troubling relationship is being reenacted. But the telling of the tale this time won’t be by historians talking about one… Continue reading