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At New Rep, a war-weary Golda Meir looks back

WATERTOWN – There was never a chance that Golda Meir was going to stay in the kitchen. After she left the United States to live in a kibbutz in Palestine in 1921, there actually… Continue reading

Davenport lays down the law in New Rep’s ‘Thurgood’

  WATERTOWN – There is writing on the stone facade of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. that spoke to the late Thurgood Marshall. The words “Equal Justice Under (the) Law” are highlighted… Continue reading

‘Blinders’: A fool and his vote are soon parted

WATERTOWN – The old saw is that you can’t fool all of the public all of the time, but what about when you come pretty darn close? Playwright Patrick Gabridge speculated about that,… Continue reading