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ArtsEmerson’s ’Breath’ is passionate, powerful

BOSTON — Roland Hayes was not your typical concert singer. Even if it were only the fact that he was an African-American, the son of a slave, who grew up in the segregated… Continue reading

Tyson crafts unforgettable ‘Trip to Bountiful’

BOSTON — It isn’t the grand, sweeping gestures that make for great actors and actresses. It is the nuanced gesture, a word accented or an inflection, or the reaction to a word or… Continue reading

PigPen’s ‘Old Man’: Lo-tech, but highly entertaining

BOSTON — The PigPen Theatre Co. is in the best tradition of the traveling troubadours and storytellers who moved from town to town. In an era of 3-D spectacles and $300 million movies… Continue reading

‘Lincoln’s Piano’ falls short of Felder’s best

BOSTON — Hershey Felder is an actor and musician who’s rarely out of work, probably because he’s constantly inventing new ways to meld his acting and musical talents. In the last 15 years… Continue reading