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‘Greater Good’ puts theater-goers in the story

BOSTON – You don’t get much closer to live theater than you do in Company One and American Repertory Theatre’s world premiere production of “Greater Good,” Kirsten Greenidge’s immersive, interactive, and often fascinating… Continue reading

‘An Octoroon’: A new take on mixed-race melodrama

BOSTON – An octoroon , by definition, is someone with one-eighth black blood, an amount that still made it illegal for the person to marry a white person in the South before the… Continue reading

Company One’s ‘Colossal’ is a theatrical touchdown

BOSTON — Football players are risking their lives each time they set foot on the playing field. It is a violent, chaotic, dog-eat-dog world and emotions run high. And when tragedy befalls one… Continue reading

Company One’s ‘Astro Boy’ a multimedia marvel

  BOSTON — It its 15 years of existence, the work of the Boston-based theater company Company One has been described in many ways : fresh, original, diverse, provocative. One adjective I’ve never… Continue reading