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From a basement lab, a woman changed the world

WATERTOWN – One by one, the stories of women who loved science at a time when it didn’t love them back are being told. The women in question were heavily involved in some… Continue reading

‘The Nether’: The lines separating two worlds blur

WATERTOWN – With virtual reality becoming an actual reality, we as a society are being asked to confront some uncomfortable questions about where technology may take us in the future. What if our… Continue reading

Flat Earth’s ‘Fat Pig’ packs a powerful punch

WATERTOWN – It all starts with the title. “Fat Pig” is a smack to the face, a punch to the gut, a strong signal about what playwright Neil LaBute has in store for… Continue reading

‘Blinders’: A fool and his vote are soon parted

WATERTOWN – The old saw is that you can’t fool all of the public all of the time, but what about when you come pretty darn close? Playwright Patrick Gabridge speculated about that,… Continue reading