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Nora’s ‘Saving Kitty:’ Stifler would be very proud

CAMBRIDGE — There was a buzz in the air at the Central Square Theatre on the night of a recent performance. There was great anticipation as Norwell native and Emerson College alumna Jennifer… Continue reading

Blue skies turn stormy in Nora’s tense ‘Grounded’

CAMBRIDGE — The image of the fighter pilot — nurtured and reinforced in movies such as “Top Gun” — is that of a swashbuckling, hard-livin’, hard-playin’, hard-drinkin’, and hard-lovin’ daredevil, who yearns to… Continue reading

‘Her Aching Heart’ is just right for summer viewing

  CAMBRIDGE — Fairly or not, romance novels have been seen through the years as something that might be read by those whose own romantic lives at the time might not have been… Continue reading