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Chow down with the Apples in GSC’s ‘Sweet and Sad’

GLOUCESTER — Where were you and what were you doing when the Twin Towers went down? The members of the Apple Family can recall very keenly. And they also remember how the events… Continue reading

Carroll carries Herzog‘s ‘4000 Miles’ at GSC

  GLOUCESTER — In baseball, when a pitch is in a batter’s “wheelhouse,” you expect him to hit it out. In acting, when a play is in the actor’s wheelhouse, you expect he… Continue reading

Local flavor abounds in GSC’s ‘Auld Lang Syne’

  GLOUCESTER — Hey, Honeydew Donuts, move over. I got your local flavor right here. There will be no faking or fudging of Boston accents — as is often the case when it… Continue reading

GSC’s ‘Jacques Brel’ will break your heart … again

  GLOUCESTER — As a songwriter and performer, the late Jacques Brel wore his heart on his sleeve.The Belgian wrote and performed with great emotional honesty, no matter what his theme: love lost… Continue reading