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Huntington’s ‘Teenage Dick’ puts Richard III in suburbia

BOSTON – Is it better to be loved or feared? And which path will lead directly to the power you are seeking? Playwright Mike Lew (“Tiger Style”) has gracefully and skillfully transformed the… Continue reading

More laughter than darkness in Huntington’s ‘Witch’

BOSTON – Tis the season for anything having to do with a woman who flies with the aid of a broom, but the title character in the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of Jen… Continue reading

‘Diane’ begins comeback for Boston theater

BOSTON – Sometimes, a work of art is almost too relevant. The Huntington Theatre Company is welcoming back audiences with Madeleine George’s “Hurricane Diane,” with climate change as a central theme and the… Continue reading

In ‘She The People,’ it’s the women on top

BOSTON – The legendary Second City comedy complex is a must-see when visiting the city of Chicago, and since its founding in 1959 it has proven to be a training ground for success… Continue reading

‘Sweat’: When the American Dream gets outsourced

  BOSTON – In Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Sweat,” the city of Reading, Pa. is a company town with the company providing the glue that keeps the city together. But what happens… Continue reading

Family ties are fraying in ‘We All Fall Down’

BOSTON – In almost every family there is a man or woman who takes it upon himself or herself to be the glue that binds the family together. If there is no one… Continue reading