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ASP’s ‘Othello’: Kuntz’s Iago is perfectly evil

BOSTON – Jealousy and envy, when uncontrolled, may be the two most destructive vices. The playwright William Shakespeare knew that, and it plays out again and again in the tragedy that is the… Continue reading

Kuntz’s ‘Monsters’: original, interesting, confusing

BOSTON — Perhaps, as a playwright, John Kuntz is operating at a different level than most of his audience. His highly-developed imagination often moves a bit quicker than we other folks following him… Continue reading

Kuntz is ‘all in’ in Speakeasy’s ‘The Whale’

BOSTON — John Kuntz is — to use a poker term — “all in” the Speakeasy Stage Company’s production of Samuel D. Hunter‘s “The Whale.” The performance by playwright/actor Kuntz now at the… Continue reading