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‘Freud’s Last Session’ both engages and entertains

WATERTOWN — Playwrights have often found fertile ground in suggesting meetings between icons that never actually happened. There was the successful pairing of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso in Steve Martin’s “Picasso at… Continue reading

‘The Snow Queen’ could become a holiday staple

WATERTOWN – What to do in the holiday season if you’re a theater company? Something holiday-themed but already done to death? Or maybe something that’s seasonal in nature that can be staged during… Continue reading

Sterling New Rep cast lifts Miller’s ‘Broken Glass’

WATERTOWN – It’s amazing how close the link is between our psyche and our health, and how events in a relationship – or events happening thousands of miles away – can play themselves… Continue reading

‘Assassins’ explores the killers behind the deeds

WATERTOWN — The word is infamous. But the majority of the word “infamous” — which means “well known for some bad quality or deed” — is “famous” and the definition of the word… Continue reading

Wordiness wears on audience in ‘On The Verge’

WATERTOWN — How would you or I cope if somehow we were to find ourselves, through some miracle, thrust many decades into the future? Three very different adventure-seeking American women from 1888 set… Continue reading