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‘The Inspector Calls’ makes a welcome return

BOSTON – Who doesn’t love a classic Edwardian thriller? The classics stand the test of time. Among them is “An Inspector Calls,” the J.B. Priestley play first produced in 1945 and now being… Continue reading

BCT authors a worthy ‘The Glass Menagerie’

BOSTON – The Boston Children’s Theatre produces works for a wide range of young adults. It challenges its older members by staging some of the most iconic pieces in the theatrical canon. That… Continue reading

‘The Illusionists’: Fast, funny blend of comedy, magic

BOSTON – The world of magic and illusion, once largely confined to the showrooms of Las Vegas hotels, has long since gone big-time, often appearing on Broadway or in televised specials. The latest… Continue reading

In ‘Endlings,’ playwright puts herself in spotlight

CAMBRIDGE –As a Korean-Canadian playwright – twice an immigrant – Celine Song felt a special urge to write a play abut her identity. She emigrated from Seoul to Toronto when she was 12… Continue reading

Speakeasy’s ‘Once’ is awash with small pleasures

BOSTON – Even Broadway, the home of such blockbusters as “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Miserables,” occasional succumbs to the charms of a smaller, more intimate work, with the accent on characters,… Continue reading

At Babson, CSC’s triumphant ‘Birdy’ takes flight

WELLESLEY – When it is not performing on Boston Common, Babson College is the home of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, and it has quickly become an important part of the Boston theater scene,… Continue reading

‘When Angels Fall’: Light at the end of a tunnel

BOSTON – Fiat lux. Let there be light. In a dark, dystopian world, light becomes that more precious, and we become focused on those singular beams and their illumination of the human form… Continue reading

‘The Little Foxes’: Southern dysfunction at its best

BOSTON – The dysfunctional Southern family has long been a staple of American drama, perhaps best exemplified by Tennessee Williams’ 1955 work “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” But before Williams explored the… Continue reading

Talented kids rule the roost in ‘School of Rock’

BOSTON – “Never work with children or animals” is attributed to the late actor/comedian W.C. Fields, lamenting the scene-stealing that goes on when adults work alongside them. Fields probably would have said that… Continue reading

‘Bare stage’ puts the spotlight on a topical issue

BOSTON – It’s one thing to write a play that is both topical and relevant. But it’s another thing to address an issue in an evocative, thorough and entertaining manner. Playwright Michael Walker,… Continue reading