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Speakeasy’s reborn ‘Carrie’ works best as high camp

BOSTON — Admit it. You guffawed when you first heard the title: “Carrie, the Musical.” After all, who might dare set to music a Stephen King tale about a tortured young girl with… Continue reading

BCT’s ‘Homework Machine’ showcases talented teens

BOSTON — Sometimes, when you talk to people who have just seen a production of the Boston Children’s Theatre, they remark on the quality of the production, and are surprised how professional both… Continue reading

Kuntz is ‘all in’ in Speakeasy’s ‘The Whale’

BOSTON — John Kuntz is — to use a poker term — “all in” the Speakeasy Stage Company’s production of Samuel D. Hunter‘s “The Whale.” The performance by playwright/actor Kuntz now at the… Continue reading

Moonbox’s cheery ‘Company’ does Sondheim credit

BOSTON — Bobby is a 35-year-old bachelor in Manhattan, but it seems that all of his friends are married. Five married couples, in fact. They form a close-knit protective cocoon around him, fussing… Continue reading