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When ‘TJ Loves Sally,’ she’s now in control

On a contemporary, leafy college campus in the South, a historically important but troubling relationship is being reenacted. But the telling of the tale this time won’t be by historians talking about one… Continue reading

ART’s ‘The Conjurer’s Club’: Virtual magic to do

CAMBRIDGE — Doing the trick is only about half of the job of the magician. The other half is setting up the trick,and selling themselves as performers. A good magician is also an… Continue reading

‘A brimful of Asha’: Mother knows best

BOSTON — When emigrants journey to a new country, they bring with them their life experiences – their culture, values, attitudes, the prisms through which they view life in general. But those same… Continue reading

‘The Pink Unicorn’: A teen seeks acceptance

BOSTON — Everywhere you look, transgender people are finding their voices and standing up for their rights, including the right to serve their country in the military as well as seeking protection from… Continue reading

‘Solitaire Suite’: Unsettling play for unsettling times

Celeste Danner (Marty Mason) is a city girl at heart and out of her element in the country town the family now calls home.  Everything – even the roads she drives on every day –… Continue reading

‘Julia’ makes Strindberg classic more relevant

In revamping Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s classic tragedy “Miss Julie” into her own work called “Julia,” Brazilian theater and film artist Christiane Jatahy has fashioned a  multi-faceted, multi-layered, multimedia event — performed in Portuguese with English subtitles —… Continue reading

‘Cato & Dolly’: In the front row of history

Laura Rocklyn and Kaedon Gray in “Cato & Dolly.” Photo: History At Play LLC/ Nile Scott Studios As the pandemic silenced and shuttered most area theaters, the interactive, immersive on-line troupe History At Play (HAP),… Continue reading

Simone holds up a mirror in MRT’s ‘Four Women’

LOWELL – The late singer/songwriter Nina Simone — who rose to fame in the late 1950s and early ’60s, performing in clubs in Atlantic City and Greenwich Village – was not about making… Continue reading

ArtsEmerson’s ‘Detroit Red’: The making of Malcolm X

BOSTON – Before he became Malcolm X, he was something else again. And he came within a hair’s breadth of never becoming the cultural icon cut down at the age of 39, but… Continue reading

‘Sweat’: When the American Dream gets outsourced

  BOSTON – In Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Sweat,” the city of Reading, Pa. is a company town with the company providing the glue that keeps the city together. But what happens… Continue reading