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Musical ‘Born For This’: Is it bound for Broadway?

BOSTON – Cue up the show-stoppers. There are enough vocal highlights in the musical “Born For This” at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, presented under the auspices of ArtsEmerson, to fill up three or… Continue reading

With ‘Reversible,’ the amazing is almost mundane

  BOSTON – We are all products of our ancestors, and of their experiences , and that simple fact inspired Gypsy Snider when it came time to develop a new show. The co-founder… Continue reading

Thanks for bringing brilliant ‘Beauty Queen’ here

  BOSTON – To David Dower, P. Carl, David C. Howse and all others at ArtsEmerson who brought the Druid Theatre Company’s “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” to Boston: Thanks. Playwright Martin McDonagh’s… Continue reading

Lopez’s ‘Mala’: A painful journey beautifully told

BOSTON – Deeply personal stories – written from the heart — are the ones that will resonate with most theater-goers. And when you venture into territory that almost anyone could identify with —… Continue reading

‘Machine de Cirque’ performs with humor, heart

BOSTON – I first encountered Cirque du Soleil more than 30 years ago in one of the troupe’s first forays into Boston. The Cirque shows married acrobatics, juggling, and other circus arts with… Continue reading

‘Cuisine’ cleverly combines feats and food

BOSTON – You don’t often get to meet the man or woman behind the acrobat and get their story. Just as the late Michael Bennett allowed us to peek behind the facades of… Continue reading

Passion, pride bring revolution in Cuba to life

BOSTON – The distance between Cuba and the United States is about 90 miles, but when you are a refugee adrift in the treacherous ocean waters between the two countries, it might as… Continue reading

‘Historia de Amor’ is both beautiful and ugly

BOSTON – How can something be both simultaneously beautiful and ugly? It’s when the beauty of a new theatrical technique that seamlessly combines film and animation with live acting is contrasted against the… Continue reading

‘The Wong Kids’: Adventure and magic with a message

BOSTON – Story-telling has changed markedly when it comes to drawing young people into a film or a live stage play. In an era of ever-more-amazing video games and 3-D movies with special… Continue reading

‘An Octoroon’: A new take on mixed-race melodrama

BOSTON – An octoroon , by definition, is someone with one-eighth black blood, an amount that still made it illegal for the person to marry a white person in the South before the… Continue reading