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The ‘New Phantom’ remains a great spectacle

BOSTON – When you’re telling a tale as large as “The Phantom of the Opera,” little things matter.  OK, not so little things, too So while the famed chandelier of the Paris Opera… Continue reading

‘Neverland’ is great fun, but score holds it back

BOSTON – “Finding Neverland” could have been – maybe should have been – a great musical. After all, the work that is at the heart of the piece – J.M. Barrie’s classic “Peter… Continue reading

Long may the musical ‘The King and I’ reign supreme

BOSTON – Long live “The King and I.” Yes, the iconic Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, based on Margaret Landon’s “Anna and the King of Siam,” has been around since 1951, but it is… Continue reading

Fifty years after debut, ‘Cabaret’ is still stunning

BOSTON – This is where it all began. The brilliant careers of composer John Kander and the late lyricist Fred Ebb really took off in 1966 when their second musical – “Cabaret” –… Continue reading

Burns helps ‘If/Then’ overcome its shortcomings

BOSTON – What would our lives look like if, at a key juncture, we went off in another direction than the one we actually chose? The team that created the musical “Next To… Continue reading

Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ makes a seamless move to the stage

BOSTON – Perhaps one of the reasons Roald Dahl was one of the greatest writers of children’s books is that he never treated his readers as children. Instead of avoiding issues that the… Continue reading

‘Pippin’ makes triumphant trek across the river

BOSTON — When the curtain first went up at the American Repertory Theater’s production of “Pippin” in Cambridge in 2012, there was an audible gasp from the audience. Were they in the wrong… Continue reading

King wrote the soundtrack for Baby Boomers’ lives

  BOSTON – Attention, Baby Boomers: There’s another musical in town that’s right in your wheelhouse. The sound track of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” includes many of the greatest hits of the… Continue reading

‘Newsies’ leaps off the stage of the Opera House

BOSTON — In 1992, the Walt Disney Co. released a movie loosely based on the 1899 newsboys strike in New York City called “Newsies.” Budgeted at $15 million and starring a young Christian… Continue reading

‘Dirty Dancing’ works best as a dance spectacle

BOSTON — If you’re looking for great drama, an intricate plot line and superb acting in the national touring production of “Dirty Dancing” subtitled “The Classic Story on Stage,“ now at the Emerson… Continue reading