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‘Tiger Style!’: Siblings tilt against stereotypes

BOSTON – There is a moment in the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of Mike Lew’s very funny “Tiger Style!” that encapsulates the frustrations of many high-achieving people whose social skills and love lives… Continue reading

Greenidge’s ‘Milk Like Sugar’: Teens see no way out

BOSTON – Listen and learn. That would seem to be the motto of playwright Kirsten Greenidge, who grew up in Arlington and now lives in Waltham. It might help to explain her facility… Continue reading

Holzman play makes many ‘Choices’ – not all good

BOSTON – Playwright Winnie Holzman has a lot of themes she’s exploring in “Choice,” now having its world premiere under the auspices of the Huntington Theatre Company in the Calderwood Pavilion of the… Continue reading

Life, love, laughter abound in ‘Casa Valentina’

BOSTON – It is 1962, and cross-dressing is against the law in most of the country. Those who ventured out into public were usually subject to the penalties of public decency laws and… Continue reading

Company One’s ‘Colossal’ is a theatrical touchdown

BOSTON — Football players are risking their lives each time they set foot on the playing field. It is a violent, chaotic, dog-eat-dog world and emotions run high. And when tragedy befalls one… Continue reading

‘After All’: A powerful look at bullying, redemption

BOSTON — We all know how bullying in its many forms can have horrifying effects on the victim — we have long known that — but is there also price to pay for… Continue reading

McNally broke new ground with ‘Mothers & Sons’

BOSTON — We are products of our own experiences, but we change and grow through the years and often our attitudes change. Playwright Terrence McNally, who is gay and married, found himself intrigued… Continue reading

Design sets stage for harrowing ‘Little Sheba’

BOSTON — A set is our doorway and entrance into a theatrical piece. It seems appropriate to mention right from the start the set designed by Stephen Dobay for the Huntington Theatre Company’s… Continue reading

‘A Future Perfect’: 30-somethings at the crossroads

BOSTON — Is it possible to have both a thriving career and family? What does the decision to have or not have a child say about your values? Is the worth of a… Continue reading

‘Far from Heaven’: Cast overcomes so-so score

BOSTON — The Speakeasy Stage Company production of the new musical “Far From Heaven” succeeds on so many levels that it almost sounds ludicrous to say the one area it falls short in… Continue reading