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‘Pygmalion’: It’s pure Bedlam, and it’s delightful

CAMBRIDGE – The brilliance of the theatrical troupe that goes by the name Bedlam is its absolute concentration on the talents of its actors. The troupe eschews grand sets and props and relies… Continue reading

At Central Square, a ‘Frankenstein’ we never knew

CAMBRIDGE – Creature, we never really knew ye. Director David R. Gammons has used Nick Dear’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” as a template to explore the timeless tale of a creature… Continue reading

At the Nora, five pioneering women lost in the stars

CAMBRIDGE – They looked heavenward and found inspiration. What they didn’t find was support for the work they loved to do. In “The Women Who Mapped The Stars,” Playwright Joyce Van Dyke’s cast… Continue reading

Nora’s ‘Proof’: The mystery behind the numbers

CAMBRIDGE – I was starting to wonder why it took so long. It would seem that David Auburn’s 2001 Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Proof” would be a logical fit for the science-themed Catalyst Collaborative… Continue reading

‘Constellations’: Second chance at first impression

CAMBRIDGE – You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Or do you? At a barbecue, a Cambridge University academic named Marianne is in an awkward conversation with a man she… Continue reading

‘Paradise’: A student and mentor teach each other

CAMBRIDGE – A student in search of a mark. That’s how it all begins in the Underground Railway Theater’s world premiere production of Laura Maria Censabella’s “Paradise” at the Central Square Theater. A… Continue reading

Nora’s Ayckbourn play puts the audience in charge

CAMBRIDGE – Prolific British playwright Alan Ayckbourn came up with a very interesting way to break down that “fourth wall” between the actors and their audience. His play “Intimate Exchanges” offers theater-goers the… Continue reading

Central Square’s ‘Journey’ takes too long to begin

CAMBRIDGE – Once again, the Central Square Theater will be transporting theater-goers to distant lands for the holiday season. After the five-year run if the award-winning adaptation of “Arabian Nights” ended last year,… Continue reading

‘Marjorie Prime’: Shared memories, shared losses

CAMBRIDGE – Loneliness is a terrible thing. We humans are social animals who crave touch and feel and companionship. When that loved one is taken away, it also takes away a part of… Continue reading

It’s pure Bedlam in raucous ‘Twelfth Night’

  CAMBRIDGE – Never has the name of a theatrical troupe been more apt. Bedlam, the New York City-based troupe whose production of “Saint Joan” captured Elliot Norton and IRNE Awards, has returned… Continue reading