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‘Pygmalion’: It’s pure Bedlam, and it’s delightful

CAMBRIDGE – The brilliance of the theatrical troupe that goes by the name Bedlam is its absolute concentration on the talents of its actors. The troupe eschews grand sets and props and relies… Continue reading

At Central Square, a ‘Frankenstein’ we never knew

CAMBRIDGE – Creature, we never really knew ye. Director David R. Gammons has used Nick Dear’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” as a template to explore the timeless tale of a creature… Continue reading

At GSC, Horovitz’s ‘final exam’ for wives, lovers

GLOUCESTER – They are a quartet of women with something in common: A man. They come together in a Parisian apartment to – mourn? – the passing of the professor they were all… Continue reading

Great cast, direction give ‘Midvale High’ wings

CAMBRIDGE – The Nora Theatre Company’s world premiere of “The Midvale High School Fiftieth Reunion” at the Central Square Theater came with a sense of anticipation. Playwright Alan Brody’s award-winning drama “Operation Epsilon”… Continue reading

Central Square’s ‘Journey’ takes too long to begin

CAMBRIDGE – Once again, the Central Square Theater will be transporting theater-goers to distant lands for the holiday season. After the five-year run if the award-winning adaptation of “Arabian Nights” ended last year,… Continue reading

URT’s comedy ‘When January’ is sweet and upbeat

CAMBRIDGE – In this season of the relentless drumbeat of back-and-forth political accusations, the Underground Railway Theater has crafted a perfect antidote: A life-affirming, upbeat comedy about people finding love and companionship in… Continue reading

URT’s ‘The Convert’: A colonial-era culture clash

CAMBRIDGE – When cultures clash, even the well-intentioned and righteous – or is that self-righteous? – can suffer. When Christian missionaries came to Africa, often ahead of the colonialists and settlers who came… Continue reading