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Huntington’s ‘Can You Forgive Her?’ is a mixed bag

BOSTON  — The playwright Gina Gionfriddo has found an artistic home at the Huntington Theatre Company, where productions of her ”Becky Shaw” and “Rapture, Blister, Burn” were warmly greeted after debuting off-Broadway. Now the… Continue reading

A life quickly unravels in Huntington’s ‘Disgraced’

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! Walter Scott BOSTON – You can certainly put yourself in the shoes of Amir Kapoor, the lead character in the… Continue reading

Huntington’s life of Reilly is hugely entertaining

  BOSTON – Expectations were high for Nick Offerman in bringing the character of Ignatius J. Reilly to the stage in Jeffrey Hatcher’s adaptation of John Kennedy Toole’s “A Confederacy of Dunces,” at… Continue reading

Holzman play makes many ‘Choices’ – not all good

BOSTON – Playwright Winnie Holzman has a lot of themes she’s exploring in “Choice,” now having its world premiere under the auspices of the Huntington Theatre Company in the Calderwood Pavilion of the… Continue reading

‘A Little Night Music’ is a sexy, sensual delight

BOSTON –The 1973 musical “A Little Night Music” is not only the sexiest, most sensual play acclaimed composer Stephen Sondheim has involved himself in, it also boasts probably his most lush and romantic… Continue reading

‘After All’: A powerful look at bullying, redemption

BOSTON — We all know how bullying in its many forms can have horrifying effects on the victim — we have long known that — but is there also price to pay for… Continue reading

Design sets stage for harrowing ‘Little Sheba’

BOSTON — A set is our doorway and entrance into a theatrical piece. It seems appropriate to mention right from the start the set designed by Stephen Dobay for the Huntington Theatre Company’s… Continue reading

‘Second Girl’ chronicles Irish immigrants’ struggle

BOSTON — The young women came to these shores by the droves from Ireland in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, seeking a better life but in many cases finding only backbreaking… Continue reading

Durang channels Chekhov in Huntington’s ‘Vanya’

BOSTON — The Huntington Theatre Company has had great success with the plays of both the Russian master Anton Chekhov and American Christopher Durang. The Huntington’s production of Durang‘s “Betty’s Summer Vacation” starring… Continue reading

‘Ether Dome’: Finally, a way to ‘do no harm’

BOSTON — “First, do no harm” is the translation of a Latin instruction for physicians, often mistakenly connected to the Hippocratic Oath but actually occurring in another ancient text devoted to medicine. But… Continue reading