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‘The Lightning Thief’ is fast-paced family fun

BOSTON – Superheroes come in all ages, shape and sizes. Take Percy Jackson. He’s a teenager with ADHD and dyslexia, which has slowed his progress as s student and led to his expulsion… Continue reading

Dunaway finds Hepburn elusive in ‘Tea at Five’

BOSTON – Playwright Matthew Lombardo said he spent 18 years rewriting his play “Tea at Five” with the actress Faye Dunaway in mind. The new production of  “Tea at Five” is having a… Continue reading

‘Romeo and Juliet’: Can love stop the madness?

BOSTON — When you write for not only your age but for all ages, timeless themes will continue to resonate long after you’re gone. So many centuries after a blood feud between two… Continue reading

It’s elementary: Huntington’s ‘Sherlock’ is great fun

BOSTON – How best to entertain an audience? Elementary, my dear theater-goer. Take some timeless characters, add some dazzling production values, and supply a plot with more twists and turns than a cheap… Continue reading

A dinner party for the ages in Churchill’s ‘Top Girls’

BOSTON – The British playwright Caryl Churchill doesn’t make it easy for audiences. But she doesn’t make it easy for us to ignore her work, either, even work from decades ago that still… Continue reading

Want to assure a good date? See ‘Bad Dates’

  BOSTON – The Huntington Theatre Company’s current production of “Bad Dates” by Theresa Rebeck is an example of a different actress giving such a different take on a character that it feels… Continue reading