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‘Light Up The Sky’: A bygone era fondly recalled

BOSTON —Yes, Virginia, the out of town tryout for new theatrical productions was once commonplace here in Boston, part of a circuit that often included cities such as New Haven and Philadelphia. Playwrights,… Continue reading

Lyric’s ‘City of Angels’ delights on several levels

BOSTON – It’s easy to skewer Hollywood, and no one is better at it than Hollywood – “Singin’ in the Rain” is a skilled example – with the possible exception of live theater.… Continue reading

Lyric’s ‘Salesman’: The denial of an American dream

BOSTON — At a time when veterans were returning from World War II and, after defeating the Germans and the Japanese, it seemed anything was possible, playwright Arthur Miller was coming forth with… Continue reading

Lyric’s ‘Working’ doesn’t work most of the time

BOSTON — We all do it — working, that is — but that doesn’t mean it will make for a great musical. Studs Terkel’s epic 1974 work that compiled oral histories of the… Continue reading