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Lyric’s ‘Mr. Burns’: Discomfort without the payoff

BOSTON – Just for the record, I’m a huge fan of “The Simpsons.” The animated comedy has skillfully skewered virtually every aspect of American culture for more than a quarter-century and earned an… Continue reading

MRT’s ‘Wonderful Life’ brings out best in the season

LOWELL – Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” wasn’t a success when the film first debuted in 1946. It never came close to earning back its $6.3 million production cost. It was only… Continue reading

‘A Number’: A harrowing look at human cloning

WATERTOWN – Caryl Churchill’s 2002 play “A Number” was inspired by the furor around the cloning of Dolly the sheep, sparking ethical questions about what might happen if and when the practice becomes… Continue reading

‘A Future Perfect’: 30-somethings at the crossroads

BOSTON — Is it possible to have both a thriving career and family? What does the decision to have or not have a child say about your values? Is the worth of a… Continue reading

‘Sila’ is a strong blend of entertainment, education

CAMBRIDGE — The partnership between the two resident theaters at the Central Square Theatre and nearby MIT — the Catalyst Collaborative@MIT —- has produced, far more often than not, plays that have been… Continue reading