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Once started, no stopping ‘Heartbeat of Home’

BOSTON — It is hard to overstate what a sensation “Riverdance” caused a generation ago. It debuted almost 20 years ago and helped spawn a whole new appreciation of Irish culture worldwide —… Continue reading

Terrific cast, stunning set lift ‘Talley’s Folly’

LOWELL — Actor Benim Foster as Matt Friedman addresses us just before “Talley’s Folly” begins, telling us how long the performance will be, and what he expects to happen. It is a device… Continue reading

Chekhov’s ‘Seagull’ in good hands at Huntington

BOSTON — The winter of our discontent because of the endless bad weather has also become a winter of strong revivals of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov’s work. So the Huntington Theatre Company’s… Continue reading

Murder most funny in ‘Something’s Afoot’

STONEHAM —  Now that’s entertainment. If you’re a fan of the British murder mysteries that Agatha Christie and her like turned into an art form, you should get thee to “Something’s Afoot,” a… Continue reading

‘Equally Divided’ will get your full attention

  LOWELL — Merrimack Repertory Theatre has done well by British comedies, and Artistic Director Charles Towers has shown a deft hand in the past with comedy of any sort. So it’s no… Continue reading

Davenport leads sterling cast in ‘The Whipping Man’

  WATERTOWN — War is hell. And that’s for the winners. For the losers, it’s that much worse. Slavery is a different kind of hell. The two different kinds of hell collide in… Continue reading

Speakeasy’s ‘Color Purple’ is powerful, uplifting

BOSTON — In recent decades, the musical theater genre has taken us to places that those who pioneered the art form could never imagine. A mass murderer into cannibalism and profiles of other… Continue reading

New Rep’s ‘Madoff’ examines who more than why

WATERTOWN — There are villains, and there are villains. Bernard Madoff became an almost imcomprehensible $20 billion villain when his elaborate Ponzi scheme defrauded individuals and institutions alike for decades. But was Madoff… Continue reading

ART offers fresh, funny ‘Heart of Robin Hood’

CAMBRIDGE — The legend of Robin Hood has been told so many different times in so many different ways — even Mel Brooks took a whack at it — that you would be… Continue reading

WFT’s ‘Life’ is a skilled retake of a cultural icon

  BOSTON — Yes, Virginia, I am old enough to remember when there were actual radio dramas, soap operas, and serials. It was what was often called “the theater of the mind.” You… Continue reading