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URT’s ‘The Convert’: A colonial-era culture clash

CAMBRIDGE – When cultures clash, even the well-intentioned and righteous – or is that self-righteous? – can suffer. When Christian missionaries came to Africa, often ahead of the colonialists and settlers who came… Continue reading

URT’s ‘Prince’ and ‘Matchless’ offer holiday lessons

CAMBRIDGE – Storytelling is a major part of the holiday experience, and often the stories become a tradition handed down over time, with the same stories repeated each Christmas. For my children, it… Continue reading

How did we get here? One day, ‘Mr g’ was bored

CAMBRIDGE — How did we get here? Who or what designed and built this universe we are part of? Why does it work the way it does? Writer Alan Lightman (“Einstein’s Dreams”), a… Continue reading

‘Bedlam’s Saint Joan’: An army of four shines

CAMBRIDGE — “Bedlam’s Saint Joan” is a very appropriate name for the production now being presented at the Central Square Theatre under the sponsorship of the Underground Railway Theatre. When you think of… Continue reading

‘Sila’ is a strong blend of entertainment, education

CAMBRIDGE — The partnership between the two resident theaters at the Central Square Theatre and nearby MIT — the Catalyst Collaborative@MIT —- has produced, far more often than not, plays that have been… Continue reading