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ASP cast delivers a delicious ‘School for Scandal’

CAMBRIDGE – The Actors Shakespeare Project has had a strong record when it chooses to detour from The Bard’s canon, with critically-acclaimed productions such as Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” in 2014, the award-winning… Continue reading

A king’s fast fall from grace in ASP’s ‘Richard II’

CAMBRIDGE – It is the political season – would that it weren’t – and thus a fine time for Actors Shakespeare Project to delve into the politics of Britain in the late 14th… Continue reading

ASP’s ‘Othello’: Kuntz’s Iago is perfectly evil

BOSTON – Jealousy and envy, when uncontrolled, may be the two most destructive vices. The playwright William Shakespeare knew that, and it plays out again and again in the tragedy that is the… Continue reading

There’s plenty of fun in funky ‘Measure for Measure’

CAMBRIDGE — Actors Shakespeare Project fears no piece in The Bard‘s canon, even works not often performed because they have been designated one of Shakespeare‘s “problem plays.” That would include “Measure for Measure,”… Continue reading

ASP’s ‘Comedy’ is clever, fun, always entertaining

BRIGHTON — Sometimes, theater companies that perform Shakespeare seem paralyzed and straight-jacketed by the text, unable to move off a narrow interpretation of the piece. Not the Actors Shakespeare Project. For the peripatetic… Continue reading

Intimate setting adds greatly to ‘Cherry Orchard’

  CHESTNUT HILL — Actors Shakespeare Project hasn’t deviated from The Bard’s canon very often in the past decade — three times, to be exact. But ASP has decided to bring Anton Chekhov… Continue reading