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Sterling New Rep cast lifts Miller’s ‘Broken Glass’

WATERTOWN – It’s amazing how close the link is between our psyche and our health, and how events in a relationship – or events happening thousands of miles away – can play themselves… Continue reading

LeFranc‘s ‘The Big Meal’ satisfies at Zeitgeist Stage

  BOSTON — Large themes are played out around the tables of unnamed restaurants in the Midwest in Dan LeFranc’s “The Big Meal,” a Zeitgeist Stage production now at the Black Box Theatre… Continue reading

Shopov sets the tone for Zeitgeist’s searing ‘Bent’

BOSTON — There’s a TV commercial for a purveyor of deli products that likes to tout its products as rising above the others, and that consumers shouldn’t just consider the price. The punch… Continue reading

Lyric’s ‘Salesman’: The denial of an American dream

BOSTON — At a time when veterans were returning from World War II and, after defeating the Germans and the Japanese, it seemed anything was possible, playwright Arthur Miller was coming forth with… Continue reading