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Science and sex are partners in Nora’s ‘Acadia’

CAMBRIDGE – Looking back on events that happened more than 180 years ago and reconstructing them is a bit like solving one of those huge jigsaw puzzles. It’s easy filling in those big… Continue reading

MRT’s ‘Wonderful Life’ brings out best in the season

LOWELL – Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” wasn’t a success when the film first debuted in 1946. It never came close to earning back its $6.3 million production cost. It was only… Continue reading

Blue skies turn stormy in Nora’s tense ‘Grounded’

CAMBRIDGE — The image of the fighter pilot — nurtured and reinforced in movies such as “Top Gun” — is that of a swashbuckling, hard-livin’, hard-playin’, hard-drinkin’, and hard-lovin’ daredevil, who yearns to… Continue reading

‘Rich Girl’: A thin script, but well-played

  BOSTON — Is there a parent alive who hasn‘t wanted to advise a son or daughter making a choice as important as marriage?And how many of you parents out there have wanted… Continue reading

Oliva, Coen will have you rooting for ‘Becky’

BOSTON — Director Larry Coen and actress Celeste Oliva both scored in last season’s hit “Chinglish” at the Lyric Stage Company. Why break up a strong team? They have teamed up again, and… Continue reading