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ASP cast delivers a delicious ‘School for Scandal’

CAMBRIDGE – The Actors Shakespeare Project has had a strong record when it chooses to detour from The Bard’s canon, with critically-acclaimed productions such as Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” in 2014, the award-winning… Continue reading

‘Light Up The Sky’: A bygone era fondly recalled

BOSTON —Yes, Virginia, the out of town tryout for new theatrical productions was once commonplace here in Boston, part of a circuit that often included cities such as New Haven and Philadelphia. Playwrights,… Continue reading

ASP’s ‘Comedy’ is clever, fun, always entertaining

BRIGHTON — Sometimes, theater companies that perform Shakespeare seem paralyzed and straight-jacketed by the text, unable to move off a narrow interpretation of the piece. Not the Actors Shakespeare Project. For the peripatetic… Continue reading

Local flavor abounds in GSC’s ‘Auld Lang Syne’

  GLOUCESTER — Hey, Honeydew Donuts, move over. I got your local flavor right here. There will be no faking or fudging of Boston accents — as is often the case when it… Continue reading

Intimate setting adds greatly to ‘Cherry Orchard’

  CHESTNUT HILL — Actors Shakespeare Project hasn’t deviated from The Bard’s canon very often in the past decade — three times, to be exact. But ASP has decided to bring Anton Chekhov… Continue reading