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Life, love, laughter abound in ‘Casa Valentina’

BOSTON – It is 1962, and cross-dressing is against the law in most of the country. Those who ventured out into public were usually subject to the penalties of public decency laws and… Continue reading

McNally broke new ground with ‘Mothers & Sons’

BOSTON — We are products of our own experiences, but we change and grow through the years and often our attitudes change. Playwright Terrence McNally, who is gay and married, found himself intrigued… Continue reading

‘A Future Perfect’: 30-somethings at the crossroads

BOSTON — Is it possible to have both a thriving career and family? What does the decision to have or not have a child say about your values? Is the worth of a… Continue reading

Kuntz’s ‘Monsters’: original, interesting, confusing

BOSTON — Perhaps, as a playwright, John Kuntz is operating at a different level than most of his audience. His highly-developed imagination often moves a bit quicker than we other folks following him… Continue reading

‘Far from Heaven’: Cast overcomes so-so score

BOSTON — The Speakeasy Stage Company production of the new musical “Far From Heaven” succeeds on so many levels that it almost sounds ludicrous to say the one area it falls short in… Continue reading

Speakeasy’s reborn ‘Carrie’ works best as high camp

BOSTON — Admit it. You guffawed when you first heard the title: “Carrie, the Musical.” After all, who might dare set to music a Stephen King tale about a tortured young girl with… Continue reading

Kuntz is ‘all in’ in Speakeasy’s ‘The Whale’

BOSTON — John Kuntz is — to use a poker term — “all in” the Speakeasy Stage Company’s production of Samuel D. Hunter‘s “The Whale.” The performance by playwright/actor Kuntz now at the… Continue reading

Speakeasy’s ‘Color Purple’ is powerful, uplifting

BOSTON — In recent decades, the musical theater genre has taken us to places that those who pioneered the art form could never imagine. A mass murderer into cannibalism and profiles of other… Continue reading