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‘Les Salonnieres’ is witty, clever and stylish

STONEHAM – Not quite perfect, but perfectly pleasing in many ways. That’s the Greater Boston Stage Company’s world premiere production of Liz Duffy Adams’s “Les Salonnieres.” The setting is Paris in the run-up… Continue reading

‘Miss Holmes’: A whole new spin for Sherlock

STONEHAM – Through the years, the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have been spun this way and that until you think you’ve seen it all in how they can be presented… Continue reading

There are too many bumps along ‘Alligator Road’

STONEHAM – New works are the lifeblood of the theater, refreshing, renewing and reinvigorating the theatrical canon. But with new work comes both risk and reward, and while readings and staged readings are… Continue reading

Musical fable ‘Jonah’ both entertains and uplifts

STONEHAM – There’s no falling chandeliers, cats in costume or flying witches. But musicals come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and the Stoneham Theatre’s production of “Jonah and the Whale” is a… Continue reading

‘Uncanny Valley’: A humanoid brought to … life?

  STONEHAM – The world of science fiction is quickly becoming one of science reality. Take the world of artificial intelligence, which was explored recently on TV’s “60 Minutes,” while the Nora Theatre… Continue reading

‘Lobster Girl’ sets off on an ill-fated voyage

STONEHAM – You can have a bevy of talented people working on a project but when things don’t come together, they don’t come together. It’s fun to welcome a new work into the… Continue reading