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‘Lungs’: Living, loving, making good choices

WATERTOWN — During our lifetimes we will make many, many decisions which will have profound and long-lasting effects. We will agonize over those decisions, and how they affect us, and we may take… Continue reading

Brustein’s ‘Last Will’ a loving coda to The Bard

BOSTON — The Bard and his bride have been getting considerable face time lately. Last month, Seana McKenna had her turn as Anne Hathaway in the Merrimack Repertory Theatre’s production of Vern Thiessen’s… Continue reading

ART’s ‘Glass Menagerie’ was worth the wait

CAMBRIDGE — It took 32 years for Tennessee Williams to find his way into the canon of the American Repertory Theatre. In this case, it was worth the wait. Once ART finally decided… Continue reading

Many will buy ‘wonderful feeling’ of ‘Oliver”

BOSTON — In the second act of the musical “Oliver,” the title character, sent on a mission to return some books, comes upon a myriad of vendors selling their wares in a city… Continue reading

‘The Boys’ are a welcome sight at Colonial

BOSTON — “Jersey Boys” is the perfect marriage of music and story. The most successful of the so-called “jukebox musicals” — musicals where the source music is already part of popular culture —… Continue reading

Nuns’ singing, dancing saves ‘Sister Act’

BOSTON — Singing nuns have always been good box office. “The Sound of Music,” anyone? Playwright Dan Goggin has spun off his hit musical “Nunsense” so many times it makes you dizzy. “Late… Continue reading

‘Desert Cities’: Glossy exterior, substance beneath

BOSTON — Funny things can happen in the desert. You can see things that aren’t there. And miss things that are. It’s Christmas Eve, 2004 and Brooke Wyeth (Anne Gottlieb) is visiting her… Continue reading

URT’s ‘Mountaintop’ imagines King’s last hours

CAMBRIDGE — What really happened in the hours before the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was shot to death outside his motel room in Memphis? Playwright Katori Hall has plucked from her imagination… Continue reading

WST‘s ‘Holiday’ a sharp, witty, entertaining evening

  WELLESLEY — Wellesley Summer Theatre is one of the best-kept theatrical secrets in the Greater Boston area.. Director Nora Hussey has assembled what amounts to a small professional repertory company at Wellesley… Continue reading

Plum’s skill closes the holes in ‘33 Variations’

BOSTON — Genius is not easily explained or explored. Even if you make it your life’s work. Just why did a musical genius such as Ludwig van Beethoven devote several precious years of… Continue reading