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Nora finds Ayckbourn’s ‘Absurd’ a good fit

CAMBRIDGE — Some people dread the holidays. Oftentimes they are forced to spend time with people they actually detest, sometimes with very good reason.The bad experiences of one Christmas of Thanksgiving, for example,… Continue reading

Hub’s ‘What I Wore’ is humorous, heartfelt

BOSTON — There is a deep emotional attachment between woman and their clothes. Actually, between women, their clothes, their shoes and other assorted accessories. When it comes to important events in their lives,… Continue reading

NSMT’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ great for kids from 8 to 80

BEVERLY — Any theater planning a new production of an iconic work such as “The Wizard of Oz” faces a huge challenge. How do you take all the elements the public has come… Continue reading

Reagle’s ‘Fiddler’ perched solidly on his roof

WALTHAM — From those first iconic notes played by that fiddler on the roof, to those same notes played by him almost three hours later, “Fiddler on the Roof ” is an almost perfect… Continue reading

CSC’s ‘Two Gentlemen’ a joyous musical delight

    BOSTON — In just a few hours, the agony and the ecstasy of outdoor theater were fully explored. The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company took the worst that Mother Nature could dish out… Continue reading

Stoneham’s ‘Wonderettes’ a fun summer cooler

STONEHAM — It is summertime, and the living is easy. But when the temperatures climb, theater-goers can be distracted — is it the girls in the bikinis or those gin-and tonics? Therefore, many… Continue reading

GSC’s ‘Spring Awakening’ will haunt you

  GLOUCESTER — In 1891, German playwright Frank Wedekind made a plaintive cry for help against what he considered a repressive German regime. For the better part of a century, that cry fell… Continue reading

NSMT’s ‘Sound of Music’ climbs every mountain

BEVERLY — A well-performed and sung score. A charming group of talented young people. A top-notch ensemble cast. When it comes to the theater, these are a few of my favorite things. And,… Continue reading

Reagle’s ‘Chicago’ a worthy tribute to Fosse

  WALTHAM — There’s no faking Fosse. The late actor/director/choreographer Bob Fosse’s stylized choreography is almost instantly recognizable, so much so that it spawned a hit Broadway show of its own — “Fosse.”… Continue reading

Donovan anchors Stoneham’s ‘These Shining Lives’

STONEHAM — The Occupational Safety and Health Administration didn’t come into existence until 1970. Worker’s compensation laws varied from state to state. Back in the 1920 and 1930s, female factory workers, later known… Continue reading