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Huntington’s ‘Doll’s House’ never quite catches fire

BOSTON – The last time she appeared on the stage of the BU Theatre, Andrea Syglowski generated a lot of heat in the middle of winter in her award-winning performance in the Huntington… Continue reading

Ayckbourn’s ‘Bedroom Farce’: It’s nice to just laugh

BOSTON – Alan Ayckbourn will be the first one to tell you that his 1975 play “Bedroom Farce” isn’t a farce – or at least, your traditional farce. In an interview, he said.… Continue reading

A life quickly unravels in Huntington’s ‘Disgraced’

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! Walter Scott BOSTON – You can certainly put yourself in the shoes of Amir Kapoor, the lead character in the… Continue reading

Huntington’s life of Reilly is hugely entertaining

  BOSTON – Expectations were high for Nick Offerman in bringing the character of Ignatius J. Reilly to the stage in Jeffrey Hatcher’s adaptation of John Kennedy Toole’s “A Confederacy of Dunces,” at… Continue reading

Former ‘Cosby’ star makes fine ‘Dinner’ companion

BOSTON — Alas, there was a time when love did not conquer all, even in 1967 San Francisco, the American capital of liberalism and tolerance, where young people dissented and protested to their… Continue reading