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‘Nice Fish’: Small truths revealed on a frozen lake

CAMBRIDGE – The great actors challenge themselves, and Mark Rylance, the winner of multiple Tony and Olivier Awards and currently up for an Oscar for his supporting role in “Bridge of Spies,” has… Continue reading

‘The Last Two People’ is a joyous musical ride

CAMBRIDGE — “And now” — as they used to say on the BBC TV show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” — “for something completely different.” The production of “The Last Two People on Earth:… Continue reading

‘Witness Uganda’: An inspiring African journey

CAMBRIDGE — When you travel 7,000 miles to find yourself, what happens when you feel even more lost than you were before you started? That was the situation for a young black man… Continue reading

ART offers fresh, funny ‘Heart of Robin Hood’

CAMBRIDGE — The legend of Robin Hood has been told so many different times in so many different ways — even Mel Brooks took a whack at it — that you would be… Continue reading