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Meaningless meandering slows ‘Straight White Men’

WATERTOWN – The conventional wisdom going in was that playwright Young Jean Lee was about to make a powerful statement about white privilege in her play “Straight White Men,” now being presented at… Continue reading

‘Two Jews’: Laughter amidst a struggle to survive

WATERTOWN – What do you do when there’s just of two of you, and you can’t stand the sight of each other? You look heavenward for answers and guidance. And then, of course,… Continue reading

‘Brecht on Brecht’: More context would have helped

WATERTOWN – Bertolt Brecht isn’t big box office anymore. But his thoughts and words were relevant in their time and many believe are even more relevant today. The New Repertory Theatre’s co- production… Continue reading

‘Good’: When compromise trumps conscience

WATERTOWN – What can happen when we push our conscience into the background and out of the way as a matter of convenience? What compromises can we make with ourself to rationalize the… Continue reading

‘Regular Singing’: The Apple Family’s last hurrah

WATERTOWN – With the Apple family, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. The series of four plays by Richard Nelson are all about small pleasures – such as eating and drinking… Continue reading

‘Freud’s Last Session’ both engages and entertains

WATERTOWN — Playwrights have often found fertile ground in suggesting meetings between icons that never actually happened. There was the successful pairing of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso in Steve Martin’s “Picasso at… Continue reading

Hare sheds light on Israeli-Palestinian morass

WATERTOWN – In 1997, the playwright David Hare visited Israel and Palestine to better understand the conflict in the region and to write a play based on his travels. His journey brought him… Continue reading

‘The Snow Queen’ could become a holiday staple

WATERTOWN – What to do in the holiday season if you’re a theater company? Something holiday-themed but already done to death? Or maybe something that’s seasonal in nature that can be staged during… Continue reading

‘A Number’: A harrowing look at human cloning

WATERTOWN – Caryl Churchill’s 2002 play “A Number” was inspired by the furor around the cloning of Dolly the sheep, sparking ethical questions about what might happen if and when the practice becomes… Continue reading

Sterling New Rep cast lifts Miller’s ‘Broken Glass’

WATERTOWN – It’s amazing how close the link is between our psyche and our health, and how events in a relationship – or events happening thousands of miles away – can play themselves… Continue reading