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ASP cast delivers a delicious ‘School for Scandal’

CAMBRIDGE – The Actors Shakespeare Project has had a strong record when it chooses to detour from The Bard’s canon, with critically-acclaimed productions such as Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” in 2014, the award-winning… Continue reading

Stoneham’s ‘Luna Gale’ will grip and shake you

STONEHAM – The headlines are frequent and depressing. “Missing foster child found dead.” “Young child’s body washed up on Deer Island identified. Mother and boyfriend charged.” They are children whose fates are intertwined… Continue reading

‘Light Up The Sky’: A bygone era fondly recalled

BOSTON —Yes, Virginia, the out of town tryout for new theatrical productions was once commonplace here in Boston, part of a circuit that often included cities such as New Haven and Philadelphia. Playwrights,… Continue reading

Local flavor abounds in GSC’s ‘Auld Lang Syne’

  GLOUCESTER — Hey, Honeydew Donuts, move over. I got your local flavor right here. There will be no faking or fudging of Boston accents — as is often the case when it… Continue reading

Lyric’s ‘Salesman’: The denial of an American dream

BOSTON — At a time when veterans were returning from World War II and, after defeating the Germans and the Japanese, it seemed anything was possible, playwright Arthur Miller was coming forth with… Continue reading