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BCT’s ‘Homework Machine’ showcases talented teens

BOSTON — Sometimes, when you talk to people who have just seen a production of the Boston Children’s Theatre, they remark on the quality of the production, and are surprised how professional both… Continue reading

‘Becoming Cuba’ loses focus in the second act

BOSTON — The Huntington Theatre Company has certainly put its money where its mouth is in supporting and presenting the work of a whole cadre of young playwrights. including Melinda Lopez, Kirsten Greenidge,… Continue reading

‘Unbleached American’: Fine acting, needs tweaking

STONEHAM — Fame can be very much a two-edged sword, especially when your fame is generated by a song whose title will end up haunting you until the end of your days. And… Continue reading

‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ is delightfully ditzy fun

NORWELL — “The Drowsy Chaperone”  is pretty much the perfect spring musical. Escape is what we want from the dreariness of the past winter and even the early spring, and here it is… Continue reading

‘Lebensraum’ a worthy tribute to silent-era comics

  BOSTON — Silence can be a lot of things — golden, deafening. But silence in the Dutch production “Lebensraum” (“Habitat”) which ends a short run this weekend (April 13) at the Paramount… Continue reading

Once started, no stopping ‘Heartbeat of Home’

BOSTON — It is hard to overstate what a sensation “Riverdance” caused a generation ago. It debuted almost 20 years ago and helped spawn a whole new appreciation of Irish culture worldwide —… Continue reading

Terrific cast, stunning set lift ‘Talley’s Folly’

LOWELL — Actor Benim Foster as Matt Friedman addresses us just before “Talley’s Folly” begins, telling us how long the performance will be, and what he expects to happen. It is a device… Continue reading

Chekhov’s ‘Seagull’ in good hands at Huntington

BOSTON — The winter of our discontent because of the endless bad weather has also become a winter of strong revivals of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov’s work. So the Huntington Theatre Company’s… Continue reading

Murder most funny in ‘Something’s Afoot’

STONEHAM —  Now that’s entertainment. If you’re a fan of the British murder mysteries that Agatha Christie and her like turned into an art form, you should get thee to “Something’s Afoot,” a… Continue reading

‘Equally Divided’ will get your full attention

  LOWELL — Merrimack Repertory Theatre has done well by British comedies, and Artistic Director Charles Towers has shown a deft hand in the past with comedy of any sort. So it’s no… Continue reading