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Dunleavy, Robbins make ‘Sweet Charity’ swing

STONEHAM – The choreography of the late Bob Fosse is so singular that it seems you might recognize it blindfolded, just by the sound of the tapping of feet on stage. The angles,… Continue reading

‘Christmas on Air’ has charms, but may not be for all

STONEHAM – Listening, my beloved Susan says, is a lost art. We don’t often take the time to hone in on just what someone is saying. It was different when the radio was… Continue reading

Stoneham’s ‘Luna Gale’ will grip and shake you

STONEHAM – The headlines are frequent and depressing. “Missing foster child found dead.” “Young child’s body washed up on Deer Island identified. Mother and boyfriend charged.” They are children whose fates are intertwined… Continue reading

Stoneham’s ‘Forum’: Well-performed comedic chaos

STONEHAM – Before Stephen Sondheim got wrapped up in fractured fairy tales, homicidal barbers and the like, he found himself knee-deep in a piece of supreme silliness. The 1962 musical comedy “A Funny… Continue reading

Robbins, Stoneham know just ‘How to Succeed’

STONEHAM — The director/choreographer Ilyse Robbins has apparently found how to succeed in a musical when she works at the Stoneham Theatre, having directed and choreographed a Norton Award-winning production of “Thoroughly Modern… Continue reading

Abalian makes ‘St. Louis’ a charming place to visit

STONEHAM — It’s fun to watch an actor or actress grow as a performer. I give you Sirena Abalian , 18, a senior at Lexington High who has been acting since the age… Continue reading