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Family-friendly ‘Cats’ still a great spectacle

BEVERLY — There is very little middle ground when it comes to “Cats.“ Either you love it and are happy to see it again and again, or you become dangerous, armed to the… Continue reading

Troubled teens flounder in ‘This is Our Youth’

  GLOUCESTER — The characters in Kenneth Lonergan’s “This is Our Youth” are like those gerbils you see on those tiny treadmills in those cages. They seem to be going like hell but… Continue reading

Show’s ‘Wicked’ ways are still spectacular

BOSTON — “It ain’t easy being green,” Kermit the Frog once famously sang. And if you think it’s not easy for a frog, it sure as heck isn’t easy for a young woman,… Continue reading

‘Cavalia’s Odysseo’: Was it a dream or real?

SOMERVILLE — Was it a dream or was it real? You might find yourself asking that after visiting “Cavalia’s Odyyseo,” now being performed through Aug. 25 under the 125-foot-high big top — advertised… Continue reading

‘Much Ado’ is an enchanting afternoon in the woods

LYNN — The Lynn-based arts group Arts After Hours is going into The Woods again. Not to do Sondheim, but, for the second straight summer, Shakespeare. “Much Ado About Northing” is one of… Continue reading

GSC’s revived ‘North Shore Fish’ still packs punch

GLOUCESTER — Where do you go when the music stops playing? And if you’ve had nothing but a tedious dead-end job all your life and even that’s snatched away, where are you? You… Continue reading

Nora finds Ayckbourn’s ‘Absurd’ a good fit

CAMBRIDGE — Some people dread the holidays. Oftentimes they are forced to spend time with people they actually detest, sometimes with very good reason.The bad experiences of one Christmas of Thanksgiving, for example,… Continue reading

Hub’s ‘What I Wore’ is humorous, heartfelt

BOSTON — There is a deep emotional attachment between woman and their clothes. Actually, between women, their clothes, their shoes and other assorted accessories. When it comes to important events in their lives,… Continue reading

NSMT’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ great for kids from 8 to 80

BEVERLY — Any theater planning a new production of an iconic work such as “The Wizard of Oz” faces a huge challenge. How do you take all the elements the public has come… Continue reading

Reagle’s ‘Fiddler’ perched solidly on his roof

WALTHAM — From those first iconic notes played by that fiddler on the roof, to those same notes played by him almost three hours later, “Fiddler on the Roof ” is an almost perfect… Continue reading